Rakesh Mohan
From left: Ian Shapiro, Judge Goldstone.
From left: Ian Shapiro, Joseph Fox, Julia Adams.
Henry Luce
Former Lithuanian president, Valdas Adamkus
Timothy Brook, Professor of History, University of British Columbia
Picture of Somini Sengupta
Professor Thomas Pogge
China-Africa Elephant Sculpture

Spring 2010

Professor Thomas Pogge
How does a promising idea become a political reality? Professor Thomas Pogge, director of the Global Justice Program, is confronting this question head-on as the leader of an international campaign to reform the global system of intellectual property rights for medicine. The promising idea is a...
China-Africa Elephant Sculpture
On April 22-23, a symposium entitled “The ‘New Scramble for Africa?’: Contemporary Formations Between China and Africa” brought scholars, journalists, and practitioners from the US and beyond to the MacMillan Center. The goal of the symposium, which was convened by Kamari Clarke, Chair of the Yale...
Sara Fingal, Doctoral Student at Brown University, discusses conflicts over the development of Cabrillo Beach in Los Angeles, California.
Environmental History at Yale hosted a one-day conference on “Social Conflict and Environmental Change in Comparative and Historical Perspective” on April 17. The conference engaged 55 graduate students and faculty from 20 northeastern colleges and universities in an examination of the intersection...
Shapiro Italy Newsletter Director
As the spring semester draws to a close, the MacMillan Center family is able to look back on four months of substantial accomplishment. Our new Jackson Institute for Global Affairs announced the appointment of Rakesh Mohan as Senior Fellow. Mohan is one of India’s preeminent economists and he will...
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